Packet Biter [Alpha] Demo

This a short demonstration of some software I’ve been developing that I call Packet Biter. This software is heavily influenced by Manfred’s “Proxy” software which he showed in this video with Vice’s Motherboard. Packet Biter is still in the very early stages of development. The front-end is garish and due for a complete overhaul, it... » read more

CTF Challenge – Stage 2

This is a continuation from this post. Stage2 is different in that it’s waiting on user input with a call to fgets. I started with just a simple string to observe the functionality. You’ll notice it’s executing a xor on the first byte of our input string with the lowest byte in ecx. This part... » read more

CTF Challenge – Stage 1

This is a CTF built by my good friend Colin that consists of five stages, each progressively more difficult. Here are the guidelines and rules. Taking a look at Stage1 the first interesting call I see is _stat64i32 which takes a path to a file and gets the status information of that file. The path... » read more

Reversing an Encryptor

This is another brief exercise created by my good friend Colin. The goal for this exercise was to reverse the encryption methodology and create a decryptor. This is what the binary looks like when running. And here’s the assembly. There’s five local variables here. Four of these are right at the start, the hex bytes... » read more

Static Analysis Test

My good friend Colin, who has taught me literally everything I know about RE, wanted to challenge me with a static analysis test. During my process of learning RE I have relied heavily, if not entirely, on dynamic analysis. While discussing the idea of some future projects he agreed I needed more time and practice... » read more