Packet Biter [Alpha] Demo

This a short demonstration of some software I’ve been developing that I call Packet Biter. This software is heavily influenced by Manfred’s “Proxy” software which he showed in this video with Vice’s Motherboard. Packet Biter is still in the very early stages of development. The front-end is garish and due for a complete overhaul, it... » read more

Unlocking Hidden Debug Features

One of the first things I do when reversing a game is look for any debug features. These can give valuable information that can help you understand the game more closely. When searching for debug features in Fallen Earth I noticed there was a lot of string formatting with information that I would like to... » read more

Unpacking a PAK File

This was a small exercise in curiosity. I actually did this months ago, when I was first starting in the world of RE. I had no real use for reversing this file, it was more an effort to learn more about the tools used, specifically the hex editor. After using computers in a casual sense... » read more

Bypassing a Client Updater

This was one of my very first exercises in reverse engineering video games. The game is Fallen Earth which is an older MMORPG that is currently free-to-play on Steam. The game has a patcher which always runs first and once updated it will then initialize the game client. Ideally I want to be able to... » read more